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BoPat_1rn in Ireland and lived in northern England in the late 60’s where I became involved with drugs and alcohol. Came to America in 1974 and worked in corporate America where drugs and alcohol abuse was partially accepted in the 80’s. Was born again, in a Catholic church and delivered from drugs and alcohol in 1991 and received a dramatic miraculous healing of a cribbing knee problem, which inspired me to really read the Word.

I was tormented by fear for about 30 years. This oppression came into my life because of a traumatic event that happened to me as a youth (very common that traumatic incidences can initiate spiritual problems). This  oppression would come upon me, especially at night, I was afraid of the dark and all things spiritual. Many nights I would pull the covers over my head and for most of the night I would be in a state of intense terror, head sweating and body trembling, hoping and wishing for the morning light to come, real oppression and torment.

I met a man of God who told me that I had a spirit of fear, at first I was resistant, but then allowed him to pray for me. I knew that something had changed after he prayed for me, and I had some assurance that I could face down the fear that used to overtake me. But, as happens to many of us, I did not know anything about the spiritual side of these issues and had no idea of how to Submit to God, Resist the devil and they will flee James 4:7. So, the fear came back even though when that man prayed for me the oppression seemed to lift, but because I did not know how to fight based on the Word, the Fear came back.

Over the past ten years, I have ministered to many people from all over the world, people would call me from the websites on Depression. I have learned that the sure method for freedom is the Finished Work of the cross, the gospel is the power of God. The bible remedy is James 4:7, if I had been taught to Resist the Devil, instead of looking to people for the magic bullet, my deliverance would have been sure, the Finished Work is a guarantee of freedom, if we Submit to God, Resist the Devil, they will flee, absolute truth.

One of my problems was that I was looking for a quick solution, paying as little a price as possible, I did not understand the spiritual side of this battle. People today go to psychiatrist, that do not believe in the spiritual realm. How can spiritual problems like, (abortion/forgiveness from a childhood rape/ getting our sins forgiven and God never remembering them any more, etc etc), how can a remedy for these spiritual issues be found in modern day psychology…… they can not be remedied from the wisdom of the world. As Christians, we need to be taught to go back to the Finished Work for these remedies and our guarantee of freedom to anyone who will fight the fight of faith.

This bible remedy does take time, the mind renewal and how to put off the old man, is not a quick prayer, and then over the weekend we are free. It usually takes time for people with Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fear, PTSD, Suicidal Thoughts to develop, and it usually will take some time for the renewing of the mind / the new creation man, and basic discipleship to a place where they can stand on the Finished Work and fight there way into the freedom that was provided through the Finished Work.

Eventually, I went after the truth from the scriptures and learned the truth that eventually, set me free, I learned how to fight the fight of faith, and this is one of the reason that I wrote the book 7 steps to freedom from oppression on Amazon Books..

Then, after some years, I was blessed to be able to go with a team of experienced missionaries (Hamilton Filmalter), First in Africa, and then in Pakistan and then on to open air healing meetings (crowds of 120,000 in attendance) in Lahore and other cities in Pakistan for seven years, where I seen the Lord do many miraculous healing and deliverance. I also have worked with and was on the board of Curry Blake’s John G. Lake Ministries for about three years.

I have ministered to people with Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, with good results, letting Jesus work through me, and giving revelation through the Word in how to minister and disciple people out of these oppression’s. I currently manage,,,

I currently teach Ministers and Christians how to minister to people who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fear, Trauma (PTSD) and other oppression’s.

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