How to beat PTSD with God

The best prayer for PTSD is a prayer based on what Jesus has already accomplished from the finished work of the cross, and this finished work is a guarantee of freedom to any captive.

 This principle must be understood:

The Finished work of Jesus, is a Finished work, it is a guarantee of freedom !!!


The finished work of Jesus is a guarantee that if we persist, they have to flee…

We need to pray !!! Thank you Jesus, I now trust in your Finished Work, I know that you have delivered me out of the kingdom of darkness !!!!!

This is the guarantee, we have been delivered, this is absolute, we have been !!!!, a guarantee of freedom to any captive…

I now know that you have defeated the enemy for me, and that you have set me free from these things that have kept me captive, you have set me free !!!!! I can now Fight and Win my Freedom…Luke 10:19

We are more than conquerors Rom 8:31, if, we have courage and persistance, and we do not quit.

This knowledge and revelation brings us tremendous HOPE and renews our minds to truth.