Veterans can be free from PTSD

According to Aaron Beck, the pioneer of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), depressed patients experience streams of negative thoughts that seemed to arise spontaneously. These thoughts fall into three categories, negative thought about themselves, the world and/or the future.

Back in the 1960’s, Mr. Beck helped patients identify and evaluate these automatic thoughts, and he found that when patients changed their underlying beliefs about themselves, their world and other people, this resulted in long-lasting change. This method (CBT) has been proven it can help people with depression, and is widely used all over the world to this day.

So, if people with depression change their underlying beliefs about themselves, their world and other people, it has been proven to help fight PTSD and depression. This is why Christian in particular have distinct advantages in overcoming PTSD and depression, because the Word of God will, and has, changed many people’s underlying beliefs, over the centuries, and we have seen many people overcome depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and fear, by having their minds renewed (Romans 12:2) and having their underlying beliefs completely change into positive thoughts about themselves, the world, and people around them, by believing the promises in the Word of God.

Therefore, Christians veterans can free from PTSD, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, bipolar, and other oppression’s, which is why we wrote the book — 7 Steps to Freedom from Oppression (Amazon and Kindle):

These disorders have a spiritual base and if we can correct the spiritual problems, which we can, but only from the Word of God (the world can help us cope with these oppression’s, but only Jesus Christ can set us free), the truth will set us free, and who the Son sets free is free indeed.

The New Testament statements from Jesus are declarations of freedom to any captive, this is a guarantee (better than a promise). Luke 4:18 I have come to set the captives free, if Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever (Heb 13:8), then His Words are a guarantee that captives have been set free. Who the Son sets free is free indeed, is another guarantee from Jesus Himself. Col 1:13. We have been delivered out of the kingdom of darkness, is another statement about the finished work of Jesus.

The New Testament is a guarantee for freedom to all captives  (Luke 4:18). It is based on a new and better covenant (the finished work of Jesus), and we can totally rely on the words that Jesus spoke to us about freedom from oppression’s. If a person takes His Words seriously and lines up to the word of God, then these oppression are guaranteed to flee from our lives (James 4:7).

Published on: Nov 18, 2012 Pastor Pat Buckley