Christian Depression Training for Pastors

Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and PTSD are effecting a major percentage of our population (especially our youth), and as Pastors we need to understand how the gospel can bring hope and victory to any person with these oppression’s.

Free Depression teaching for PastorsThis teaching, all from the Word of God (10 Key Biblical Principles and 23 Main Teaching videos),  developed from 10 years ministering to Christians suffering from these oppression’s.

  • It is a spiritual battle, once the spiritual battle is won, issues in the natural can be overcome.

  • The finished work of Jesus is a guarantee that we can overcome this oppression.

  • Once a person understands that they can not lose this battle, it brings tremendous hope, and hope brings the platform for victory.

  •  This teaching from the Word of God has many testimonies, it has been proven to work, Jesus is still the one who sets the captives free

10 Key Biblical Principles that can set the foundation for freedom from oppression.

  1.     Do we ask God to take the Depression away or are we required to Resist.

  1.     Don’t ask God to do something that He has already done.

  1.     The  finished work is a guarantee of freedom to any captive

  1.    We must understand how things work in the spiritual realm

      5    Guilt, Shame and Condemnation must go

      6.  How to Submit to God

      7.  How to Resist

  1.   Must Overcome Fear

  2.  Understand what a New Creation is

  3.   Anger towards God.

These key principles will bring Hope, Encouragement, Peace, and Victory

Author: Pastor Pat Buckley
Published on: Aug 11, 2016 @ 21:36

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